Besides the obvious, golden glow, yes, it’s true. Travel can make your more attractive. Let us explain 5 ways in which this is the case.

It’s true, travel really does make you smarter, sexier and more interesting – and no, we’re not just talking about the suntan.



To put simply – travel gives you stories, and stories are sexy. Now, sure – the level of sexiness depends on what the stories are about, or how you tell them, but just having them is a start. There’s something inherently human and uniquely alluring about someone telling stories from a faraway land. With a little practice in the art of storytelling, your travel stories will make you more desirable.



You may never think about it, but a few mispronounced words or mangled phrases are some of nature’s most potent aphrodisiacs. When you spend time abroad, you’re bound to pick up at least a few words from another language. And if you meet someone at the bar who happens to speak said language, watch their eyes gently flare up in delight when your opening line is in their native tongue.

Your Appearance


We said we wouldn’t mention the suntan, but the sexiness of a glowing, healthy suntan is undeniable. The endorphins and natural vitamins of the sun, with the proper skin protection, makes you healthier and happier as well. But beyond the suntan, it’s the inner glow and boosted confidence of someone who has just returned from abroad which will really increase your appeal to others.



You’ve heard it before. We all want what we can’t have. Know your audience, and pitch your stories accordingly. Being well traveled makes people envious of you, and the desire to be with you, or be like you, will be unmistakable.

Cultural Awareness


Travel makes you a better person. A bit less ignorant, a bit more tolerant. Being experienced in different cultures in enriching, and allows you to develop a better perspective when dealing with people. Being a culturally educated person opens you up to a higher level of empathy, love, and diversity in personality. Now that’s attractive.